Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Western Springs Raffle

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Welcome to Western Springs Raffle. Each week items that can be purchased in Western Springs are raffled off via email. It is completely free to join and play. Here's an example. We raffle off items such as, but certainly not limited to, train tickets from Western Springs station to the city (but why ever leave Western Springs?), a pound of roast beef and some pasta salad from Casey's, doughnuts from Kirschbaum's, vanilla soy lattes from Starbucks (most likely a gift card), Honey Dew from The Fruit Store, dinners to Vie, lottery tickets from the White Hen (I mean 7-11), a savings account from The Community Bank of Western Springs etc. etc.

The way it works is each Monday we send an email with the items which are being raffled along with who won the previous week. You must click the link in the email to signify your entry. On Friday winners are selected and contacted. The only rules are you may only click the link once per email and if you do not live in Western Springs then you must come to Western Springs to pick up your prize. If you live in town then your prize will be delivered to you.

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  1. Trendy Nails is gone and Baskin Robbins is gone out of Garden Market...what's up??

  2. Trendy nails went to LaGrange. I heard it had to do with rent. Baskin Robbins said thanks for the 20 years. Maybe just retiring. I didn't even realize they closed until you mentioned it.

  3. How do I enter for the raffle after i signed up?

  4. you'll get an email and then you click the link to enter that weeks raffle.

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