Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fight Back High Property Taxes!! Cook County Taxes and more!

Just got home from a very informative talk on fighting property taxes. Here are some highlights on what you need to know. The assessor is looking for the past 3 years of sales. They need to be arm length transactions-not short sales, foreclosures or relos. Need a specific type of appraisal for tax appeal. Keys to getting a reduction: Uniformity(comps that are the same and in the same neighborhood code), valuation sales for the past 3 years(need 3 homes) and description errors listed by the assessor(only if they are in your favor-no need to point out a finished basement or a bath they have missed!). The reason people fail in getting a reduction is TIME(they don't have the time it takes to fight them), lack of evidence and the inability to present the information.

Kim Rasulo from United Home Loans invited me to this very informative meeting. Kim lives in Field Park of Western Springs and you can get in touch with her at 708-531-8321 if you have the need for a mortgage banker.

To find out when you can appeal your taxes you can go to and find out.

Linda Hanley Kelly - Charles Rutenberg Realty, 708-334-5356

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  1. Might add that you can appeal not need to hire a lawyer. We did and received a reduction.