Thursday, September 1, 2011

Western Springs Business Association Meeting Today

Here is what I learned today. Starting Sept.12th they will be resurfacing Hillgrove Avenue from Wolf Road west past the Theatre of Western Springs. It will be driveable most of the time but there will be days when parking is limited.

Western Springs Gift Certificates that are outstanding can be used at ALL merchants. Disregard what it says on the back of the old ones. All merchants will be reimbursed by the Business Association if they accept them.

Wednesdays are Senior Day at Casey's Market. Anyone over 60 will receive 10% off their order.

John Montalto Hair & Spa at 821 Burlington Ave, Suite A will also be introducing a senior day discount.

The Western Springs Police department reported that a few bicycles have been stolen from the train station. There have also been break-ins into cars along the tracks. Some were with the windows being smashed and others were unlocked. Don't leave purses or other valuables on your seats and lock your doors. Most of these incidents happened between 6 and 7:30 am.
The Western Springs Police have won some national safety awards. Recently they did a safety morning on Odgen Avenue and issued 17 speeding tickets in a matter of hours. It is never fun when we get stopped but they are working to keep our town safe.

Upcoming events in town include the Fall Festival on Oct. 7th and a street party on Burlington Avenue on Sept. 17th. More to follow.

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