Friday, August 28, 2009

3922 Clausen in Field Park of Western Springs

This home sold in 9 days! Listed for $583,000 and Sold for $595,000-just like the old days. Sits on an 80 x 132 lot. 3 br, 2 bath home.

Linda Hanley Kelly, Charles Rutenberg Realty, 708-334-5356
Call me if you are thinking of moving.


  1. "Just like the old days". This house sold for $550,000 in September of 2002. So we are back to the future. Priced-to-sell today means early 2000 prices.

  2. I love your comment. When I said "just like the old days" all I meant was when a good house at the market price gets listed we can still get multiple offers. Unfortunately you are absolutely right that we are back to early 2000 prices. It is very sad for all of the people who bought in the mid 2000's. Our town is still less affected than many other areas.

  3. "Our town is still less affected than many other areas".

    A question might be...was it better financially to have bought in a super bubble region or in a bubble area like WS? I guess it depends on When. If one bought in 2003, it doesn't matter much. If in 2000, better to have bought in an area like California. If in 2007 to 2008, one lost less in WS. Of course it's not over yet.

  4. That question deals with a house as an investment, not as a place to live. If you need to live in the Chicagoland area, Western Springs has maintained it's place in the area as a very nice place to call home. Where it was better to buy really depends on when you decide to sell. I really don't know that much about California except their highs can be very high-followed by lows that can be very low. It appears to have a much bigger swing than we do.