Wednesday, August 19, 2009

4146 Western in Old Town of Western Springs

FDIC owned. This home was built in 2006 and closed on 11/4/2006 for $1,250,000. Listed this year for $499,900 and closed for $495,000. Home needed major work, had water damage and needed to be bought with cash or a community bank. Lot 50 x 200. On the market for 27 days.


  1. seems like this house was on the market longer than 28 days..wasn't on the market in June?

    I looked at this house. The owner stripped the house before leaving. Does the bank go after the owner for the difference between what is owed on the mortgage and what the bank received in the sale?

    Looks like these guys just move on to the next property.

  2. Every bank is different. I know the owners are stripping their houses. I am going to look this up. Thanks!