Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Power outages in Western Springs

Power Outage Map

Well, I feel I got lucky this time with my power being back on within 24 hours. I live in Field Park and the last time(which was only a couple of weeks ago) I was without power from Tuesday until Friday afternoon. I had to throw away everything in my refrigerator & discussed a future plan with some of my peers. My perspective was that this happens so infrequently I wasn't going to worry about it! We had discussed generators, dry ice, etc. When it happened yesterday morning I was like-Wow, you have to be kidding me! I had put off all my work til Monday. Since I work out of my home faxing, scanning, emailing, printing were all things I had to forgo. I did meet a client at Now Serving in LaGrange and wrote up an offer to purchase a home in LaGrange Highlands. Luckily a fellow realtor who was in a power zone made me copies.

Now I told you I felt lucky about having power within 24 hours....and I do. But on the downside of the little but mighty storm, my neighbor came over to point out some major branches on a very tall tree in my backyard that are hanging but not completely broken. I imagine that will be a few hundred dollars to a tree service. I have a call into the one I like to use but have not received a call back yet. I imagine all of the tree companies are extremely busy.

Well I hear Dominicks and the Library are among the few places that still have no power. I hope they get theirs back soon. I hear people are shopping in the dark over at Dominicks.

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