Friday, August 19, 2011

Which Western Springs Neighborhood do you like BEST??

Western Springs is a town of little neighborhoods. When it comes time to upgrade to a bigger home it is not unusual for clients to want to stay in a 4-6 block section. I raised my children in Old Town South. This is the section from the tracks to 47th and Wolf Road to Spring Rock Park. We lived on Grand Avenue for 23 years. This little section is walking distance to the town and train and the biggest park in town. My children loved it there. They were able to walk to town, go to Spring Rock Park and play baseball with their friends, ride their bikes there, go to the playground. We would have picnic lunches at Spring Rock Park when they were young and back then there were ice skating rinks in the park. When they got a little older they could walk to the train and go to Downers Grove to the Tivoli Theater or take it east to the Taste of Chicago. I now live in Field Park and I can't say enough good things about this section of town. There are a lot of young families here in Field Park plus you can walk to the grade school and McClure Jr. High without having to cross any main streets. There is a nice park with tennis courts at 39th and Linden. Field Park is the area from Wolf Road to Gilbert Avenue and the tracks to Ogden Avenue. For a short period I lived in Springdale of Western Springs. This is a section that was built in the 1960's. It deviates from the straight streets common in the old parts of Western Springs. There are curving streets and all of the electrical is underground. There is a nice park there and the Catholic Grade School-St. John of the Cross. In Springdale you are close to Garden Market Shopping Center and Lyons Township South Campus.

Take the time to post a comment and tell us all about the section you live in and why you love it!!! Thanks, Linda

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