Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here is what is being listed this week in Western Springs

We have a home coming on the MLS in Old Town of Western Springs. They tried the market in 2009 at $625,000 down to $609,000 and than again in 2010 at 599 to 579. This year they have come on the market at $539,000(sold in 2005 $516,500).

Ridgewood of Western Springs has a home that was sold in 2003 for $482,500 and is now listed for the first time since then for $559,000. Updated since purchase this is a cool contemporary home.

Ridge Acres has a 2 story brick home updated and asking $559,900. Hasn't been on the market for a long time. Last sold in the 90's. 4 br, 3 bath on a 45 x 214 lot.

Having been through the sale process in 2009 on a home we had rehabbed in Springdale I fully understand the higher prices that were originally asked on many homes. We had bought and rehabbed in 2007. Asked in the upper 500's or perhaps even the low 600's. Turned down 525...moved into the home...rented out our home....sold in 2009 for $482,000. So never think I am critical of people having asked higher prices in the past years. Lived it and get it! The market this year will be good as long as the sellers continue to price their homes to compensate for all the changes that have taken place in real estate. Buyers coming from city condos are taking less than they expected, jobs are still an issue, lenders have changed their requirements, appraisars have to be very careful....All of this equals if you want to sell your home price it competetively---if you need to sell your home fast---price it compellingly! And most important-call me.

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