Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ask yourself this question before you get ready to sell...

This is probably the number one question you should ask yourself. In my 30+ years as a professional realtor who has done this as a career I have had listings sell in a couple of days, some in a few weeks, some in many months and others that eventually expired. The reason has always been price. I believe there are times when putting something on at a great price and seeing it sell overnight is right for the seller. Most sellers are very comfortable with a 2 to 3 week listing that includes one sizeable price reduction. For example your home may fall in the price range of 700-800. Should you start at $749,000 or $775,000? At $775,000 you are eliminating the group who only looks up to $750. However, since everyone wants to negotiate is it a good number so you have some room to let the buyer feel they are getting a good deal? If you have showings and no offers in the first two weeks and you have listed it at $775,000 than consider dropping to $749,000 right away before too much time lapses. Buyers who have looked at your house are often watching your listing waiting for the drop.

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