Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Springdale Civic Association for Springdale in Western Springs

The dues for the Springdale Civic Association are $35.00 annually. If you live in Springdale it pays for an annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park and this past spring for a Bowling Night at the Brunswick Zone. To kick-off the summer they had a Concert in the Park with complementary Mazzone's Italian Ice. In July they had their First Annual Senior Luncheon at the Flame Restaurant. Over 60 residents enjoyed an afternoon of live music, a four course meal and a free raffle. All for the low cost of $8.00 per person. Everyone had a wonderful time and it is sure to be an annual event!

This September they are having a Golf Outing and the Neighborhood Garage Sale. And in October there is the Halloween Pizza party open to all Springdale residents after a night of Trick or Treating(or passing out candy).

The year end event is the Progressive Dinner where everyone gathers at someone's house for appetizers, then smaller groups break off and go to someone's house for dinner and everyone meets up again at yet another house for dessert.

The dues also pay for the landscaping at all the entrances as well as to maintain a "slush" fund in case of an emergency. The SCA strives to provide something for all the residents here.

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