Friday, August 7, 2009

5400 Lawn, Western Springs, Il

On the market for 183 days. This home was being sold with land value as one of the big pluses. Lot size 85 x 187. This home had sold on Sept. 4, 2008 for $462,500. Listed this time for $579,000 it closed for $525,000 on August 6, 2009.
Linda Hanley Kelly, 708-334-5356


  1. Have lot prices stabilized? In 2003, a similar sized (12,500 sq ft) teardown lot sold for $735,000, after a bidding war between several builders.

  2. I think lots depend on their location. In more central spots of Forest Hills a lot would still sell for more money than this one did. And as always, timing has something to do with what lots and houses sell for.