Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie Time in Western Springs

Looks like Hollywood has come to town. There is going to be some filming done by the old Tischlers. Matt Damon movie. Another good reason to live in Western Springs.


  1. I realize you were being humorous in your comment. But:

    People driving down Wolf might not think that the abandoned, foreclosed Tischler's building makes Western Springs an attractive village......or provides a good reason to live in WS. I am sure to many it looks like a community in decline. Which I guess it is.

    Any idea who now owns this building. I know the original, famous local builder lost it to foreclosure a few years ago.....costing the bank millions.....but I wonder who owns it now?

    BTW, do realtors avoid driving clients past Tischers and the other empty store fronts, south of the tracks?

  2. True dat. Tischler's does make it look like a town in decline. I think the whole town should chip in to buy it and turn it into a publicly owned non profit corporation. It can be like the arrangement the Green Bay Packers have but you can host roller derbys in there.

  3. Interesting. I was thinking along the lines of the town buying it and then tearing it down......for a park maybe? Your idea is better....but then no one has money to buy or even loan.

    The bank across the street is on the verge of failing (on the FDIC problem bank list (due to rotten commercial loans to their builder friends) and the dry cleaner's property across the street has been vacant for a long time.

    Wound be great if someone came in and bought up both corners and did something.

  4. When I had transferees in from Colorado this summer I drove them by it and wished I hadn't. It was during the time when there were 3 foot weeds growing out of the sidewalk. I went to the village and asked them to at least cut them down.

    It is hard to avoid that corner. The train and downtown are part of the charm of older towns.

    Maybe we all do need to buy it. We could put the French Market there next spring.

  5. Yes, train and the station give the village a ton of charm...then drive a block east and it is depressing!! I just drove past Tischler's and it was great to see lights and people least for a day or so. Many of us dream of a Trader Joes...which I know is a fantasy. Wish something could be done .....Too bad.

  6. Good question. According to the Cook County Record of Deeds:

    It is owned by 4441 Wolf LLC. This company was owned by Everett Builders for a number of years. Hard to say who owns it after the foreclosures and bankruptcies.

    At a 2007 Village board meeting a resident suggested that the village buy the property from Everett and commission an appropriate design. Fortunately, this did not happen (value of the property has crashed since then)....but would it be a good idea in 2011?