Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Western Springs Water Plant Rehabilitation

During the construction of the Village's reverse osmosis treatment plant water softening is no longer taking place. I have noticed this in my pans that I boil water in. Has anyone else noticed any changes in their water? I was curious if it will affect our laundry and appliances.

Water is primarily coming from well #4. The fluoride level that naturally occurs in that well is 2.1mg/L. This level is considered safe for drinking however, fluoride levels in drinking water above 2.0mg/L may cause some adolescent children to show signs of dental fluorosis. This is a condition that occurs in developing teeth before they erupt from the gums. Signs of dental fluorosis are white streaks on the teeth in minor cases to brown discoloration in more severe cases. It is a cosmetic condition and does not affect the overall health or the integrity of the tooth. Children and adults who already have permanent teeth exposed will not be affected.

Any more concerns contact your family dentist. Any questions concerning the plant's construction may be directed to Ken Hayes, 708-246-1800 ext. 215

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  1. this past weekend i notice the cold tap water came out with yellow tint, sediment like color. i moved in january earlier this year to ws and this is the first time i notice this. the yellowish water is gone by the evening of that day. is this due to the project or this kind of stuff tend to happen regularly in ws?