Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First third of 2012 Sales Report for Western Springs

We are officially done with the first 1/3 of this year. Wow, it has flown by. There were 37 sales closed from January 1st until April 30th. I am only taking the ones reported in the MLS(multiple listing service) and I am only talking about single family homes. The cheapest sale price was $140,000 and the highest was $976,000. 9 sold for under $300,000, 11 sold between 300 and 400 thousand, 6 sold in the 400-500 range, 7 sold in the 500-600 range, 2 in the 600-700 range, 1 in the 700-800 range and 1 in the 900-1000 million dollar range. Take into consideration this does not reflect any of the homes that currently have contracts pending on them. Call me to buy or sell real estate. I have been a full-time agent in the town for over 30 years. I know and understand the market here. Homes sell when they are priced right-the number one thing that overcomes size, condition and location is price. Finding the right price may take a few weeks but listen to your agent. The average ORIGINAL LIST price during the first third of the year was $464,546 with the AVERAGE LIST price at time of sale being $443,452. AVERAGE SALE price was $419,070. Houses in Western Springs sold for 90% of their original list price and 95% of their list price at time of offer. It has been my experience that the seller needs to listen to the market and follow the advice of their agent in order to get their home sold. It is my experience that a listing selling in 3 to 6 weeks is ideal for both the seller and the agent. In that time period there may be 1 to 3 price adjustments needed. If you do this quickly your home will sell. If all homes sold in 2-3 days sellers would not be happy but having them linger for 6 months to 2 years is not the answer either. List, listen and react to what the market is telling you(and your agent) and I guarantee you will sell your home.

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