Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How Many Teardowns were there in Western Springs in 2012?

Well last January I went into the building department and asked Kathy and Terry how many teardowns they thought we would have in 2012. They said 10 and 12. I guessed 21. So today I went in to find out the results. Kathy had the note in her desk drawer from last year. She pulled up the results and here they are: there were 21 new builds in the town in 2012 with 20 demo permits issued. A couple of the demos have not rebuilt yet and a couple of the new builds must have gotten their permits in 2011. However, I was right on the money. I had felt the growing desire to build and I personally had sold a couple of properties for that purpose. I think that the tumbling in price of the lower tier along with one's desire to build fueled the increase. It will be interesting to see how we do this year. If you have a number you think post it as a comment. I am going with 25. Happy New Year and call me to discuss real estate. I love talking about houses and I love meeting all of you. Linda Hanley Kelly, Charles Rutenberg Realty 708-334-5356

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